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Budget gaming rig within ~ $350 range

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June 21, 2012 12:30:55 PM

Hello everyone,

I'm going to build a new (gaming) pc to replace my existing system which has the following configuration :
* Palit 1GB GDDR3 9800GT (Green edition)
* (Initially it was some factory OC-ed edition which burnt out and they replaced it with the Green edition as production of the original one was discontinued)
* 2 GB Corsair DDR2 800
* 2.8Ghz AMD X2
* (Some low-profile MSI motherboard :(  - not very much high-performing..but gets my job done)
* 350W Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus SMPS
Mostly I play games at 1600x900/1400x900 resolution @ directx10 + medium graphics with very moderate framerates (~30 to 35 FPS is more than enough for me). And I'm not a overclock I won't be playing with overclocking factory settings for any of the components.

And most importantly, I use the system apprx 15-16 Hrs a day for download purpose. So power supply and system stability on the long run in an important issue to me. Although having a low-end configuration, this system have never given me any headaches till date. :) 

As evident from the description above, this system is just too backdated to handle existing/upcoming dx11 titles. So I have decided to replace the above things with their current-gen counterparts. My budget is around $350 (apprx 20K INR).

Based on the rumor of the expected price drop of the current gen 6/5 series nvidia cards after the arrival of kepler based nvidia cards(maybe around June end to mid July), I've decided to go for the NVIDIA Gtx 560 based card which will fit in my budget. I have zeroed-in on the graphics card and psu but still need to find other components to fit in this budget.

* Palit Gtx 560 ti or similar equivalent from MSI (1GB/2GB whatever)
* 4GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz
* Cooler Master Gx650W (the reviews I've found so far are a bit I'm still in doubt)
* Processor : AMD Phenom II x4/X6 based processor ... whatever fits in my budget ..
(it doesn't need to be a hi-end just needs to cope with the other components and perform moderately on the CPU based Physx processing in games)
* MoBo : any MSI AM3+ socket based board will do...don't even need to have SLI...only concern is about stable performance if I keep the system running for constant 15-16 HRs a day

Any suggestions/information regarding the above build from you guys will be very helpful for me to decide on choosing the right components. And please don't suggest any ASUS based products as I have really very bad experience about their service in the past.

As I live in Kolkata (a city in India..for those who r not familiar :p ), if there's anyone who's from our city and have recently built a rig ... if you know some good dealers please suggest me their name. For some stuffs like Graphics cards and processors, local dealers often mention ad-hoc prices. So knowing a good dealer in advance would be a great deal :) 

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June 21, 2012 12:51:49 PM

Using the Indian site Flipkart your list and budget simply is not possible by a large margin. To get the 560ti you would need to increase your budget to 30k INR.

Did manage to make you a list using a 550ti that is only a little bit over budget though

Zotac NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 Ti 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

Corsair CMPSU-500CXV2UK 500 Watts PSU

G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 4 GB

Gigabyte GA-880GM-D2H Motherboard

AMD 3 GHz AM3 Phenom II 960T Processor

Totals at 23779 INR

The 500W PSU is plenty to run those parts and the motherboard supports core unlocks so if your very lucky that may unlock to a 6 core CPU. The RAM is a single 4GB stick though which is not so great its better to run 2 X 2GB in dual channel but that single stick was the cheapest brand name I could find as we are over budget already.
June 21, 2012 12:58:56 PM

I would very much suggest going with an Intel Pentium G620. It is about half the price of the Phenom II 960T, and it is every bit as good for games.

For comparison sake, this is how the G620 stacks up against a Phenom II 965 BE:
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June 21, 2012 1:11:42 PM

Thanks a ton for you reply. Frankly I never expected to get a reply so quick. This is why Tom's Hardware and u guys r so awesome!!! I'll check the components u've mentioned once I get back home...ryte now I can't open Flipkart from office network.

Flipkart listed prices are way high than the actual street prices for electronics stuffs lyk these. So the total price will reduce by atleast 2-3K I guess. However 550ti is a downer for me :( . Gtx 560 cards are priced around 11K-16k bracket ryt now (varies as per ti, oc-ed or reference implementations) I think we'll see a 4K-5K price drop after the much anticipated kepler architecture based Gtx680 arrives in market ..what do u think regarding this??? Maybe I should wait 2 months more...
And instead of the corsair psu..if I go for the Cooler Master Gx650 would save me another 2-3K bucks..isn't it so?
June 21, 2012 1:18:22 PM

corsair PSU's are better than coolermaster. If the parts on the street are alot cheaper then you may well afford that 560ti :) ..... 680 and 670 have both been out a while now I think you need 660 to release to see 560 drop in price.