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Ok guys I have these specs:
e2140 dual core 1.6ghz
1gb of ram
nvidia 7050gt/610
Biostar gf7050v-m7 mainboard
And I think to upgrade my ram to 3gb and my graphics card to a Sapphire HD 6670 ddr3.
Would I get better performance in my games I play like Pro Evolution Soccer 12 and Fifa 12.Could I play them maxed out on a resolution of 1024x768 maybe 1280x1024.I also want to play games like far cry 2 could I max it out.
I will let my processor like it is.
So if you have any other good graphics card in suggestion please let me know.
My budget is around 60 to 90 dollars for the graphics card other budget is for the ram
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  1. Uh i'd suggest that you first buy a new platform, but since you play FIFA/PES and FC2, yes you will be able to play those games maxed out at those resolutions with he 6670 and 3GB+ ram except for FC2, because of the poor CPU.
  2. Any video card would be an improvement since you are currently using integrated video. What power supply do you have? The 6670 is a low power card, but it is still too much for say a 300 watt no name power supply. The label on the power supply should list amps available on the +12 volt rail. Something in the 17-18 range would suffice, but 20 or more would be better.

    A definite yes on the ram.
  3. I have a 400w Power Supply
  4. Well even if it's some low end PSU, it will be enough for that PC including the 6670, that card doesn't require a powerfull/quality PSU.
  5. Should be OK.
  6. OK thank you
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