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BSODs only occurs while playing games

I'll get straight to the chase: I recently reformatted my computer and now when I play Starcraft 2, SWTOR, Metro 2033, or any other game I will crash randomly between 20-40 minutes of gameplay. Sometimes it will crash to desktop, and other times I will simply see a mocking BSOD and the computer will restart.


Intel Core i3-2100
HD Radeon 6850
8 GB G-skill RAM
MSi-P67A-C43 Intel P67 chipset based

Extra info:

I use Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate with SP1

When I see a BSOD either of these will show up:

1. System Service Exception
2. Memory Management

I already have reinstalled my drivers for my WLAN and graphics card as well as checked the RAM for bad memory spots and the hard drive for bad sectors using the maintenance tools that Windows 7 provides.

Anyone who helps me out will have their name in my signature saying : _______ is the most badass motherf**ker alive.

And any advice would be helpful, thank you.
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  1. Hi :)

    As the problem happens after a period of time, and I would guess only in games, its probably temperature related..i.e something , either your cpu or graphics card or the case in general is overheating...

    Get some temperature testing software and post the temps back here...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thank you Brett. Which software would you recommend to monitor temperature?
  3. EDIT: Maybe this can help: I ran BlueScreenView and I found that this ntoskrnl.exe is highlighted in red everytime my computer has crashed.

    Does this mean my OS is corrupted?
  4. A MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error would indicate that there is an issue copying data to and from the RAM. Try removing one memory module at a time and run through a few levels on a game to see if that stick is the source of the problem. Memory checking software and BSOD loggers are not always accurate.
  5. I'd trust memtest86 over the built in windows memory checker. HWMonitor can monitor your temps.
  6. In windows enviorment I prefer prime95 over memtest. Generally will iidentify memory errors quicker and more accurately than memtest86

    I do use memtest from a bootable CD.

    Didn't catch make of PSU and wattage rating.
    In addition to GPU or CPU overheat some "LOW" end PSU can heat up and their power output regulation/current capability takes a nose dive. So Inaddition to monitoring temps, monitor your +12V. You can run prime95 to check stability and CPU temp and +12V. You can run furmark to test GPU (temp) and +12 V
  7. Although overheating may be a culprit, I'd be most inclined to suspect an inadequate PSU (that may be what is overheating). Please let us know the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU. Thanks.
  8. When reinstalling GPU driver, did you use latest or drivers from a disc? If you used a disc, download the latest from the manufacturer's website. If you did that already, try using an older driver.
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    System Service Exception basically means a windows service died for some unknown reason. Typically, this only happens in Beta builds of windows, or due to memory/driver problems.

    Memory Management BSODs basically mean there was some issue reading/writing to/from RAM, and is 99.9% a RAM problem.

    I'd be very suspect of the RAM right now.
  10. Thank you everyone, all of you will be in my signature for your help
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