ati 5650 memory leak?

I'm having a problem running some games with the ati 5650. I just start the game and at the menu I get these red checkerboard bars that look like this Someone told me that this is a memory leak but this only happens in certain games. (I play Valve games and someone says they are processor based games rather than gpu based games). Once I play other games that are not made by Valve I experience the checkerboard bars in the menus of games. (works only for a while on bc2 until everything freezes and screen goes white). I have an Acer Aspire 7551G-5821. My warranty has expired and I don't want to waste $199 repairing this. Would you guys recommend the fix or get a desktop as I heard Acer Support is horrible.
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  1. I would say it is more driver-related. And possibly registry errors. (I have no idea what you mean by "memory leak". )
    Run CCleaner and do the clean and defrag both ( )
    Uninstall your ATI graphics driver.
    After a reboot, install the latest driver for your HD 5650 and your O.S.

    If you want to clean your system of old driver remnants even better, run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode and have it look for and remove any ATI, AMD, and Nvidia graphics drivers it finds. Do this before you install the new AMD (ATI) driver.
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