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Will crossfire 6850's in x16,x4 outperform a 6950/570 ti

Right now my mobo has one x16 pci-e and one x4 pci-e will I still get better performance then the 6950/6970/560 ti/570ti with crossfire 6850s on this mobo?Also what do you think the best brand for the 6850 that will produce the least heat in a crossfire configuration.

My System
NZXT phantom full tower case
Corsair h80
Biostar A870U3 MOBO
AMD 1090t x6 @3.6 ghz
HIS Radeon HD 6850
Kingston Hyper X 8gb Ram
64gb Crucial sata 3 ssd (windows 7)
500gb western digital caviar black (storage)
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  1. There's no such thing as a 570 ti and dual 6850 will perform better but a single card solution will work better in the long run. Also, the radeon HD7XXX series and GTX 6XX series are coming out in a month or two. I'd wait for them as they'll have much higher performance.
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    No point in mixing a x16 and an x4 for a SLI or CF combination.
    You would be better off choosing a single high performance card and using that then trying to SLI or CF with one @16 and the other @4.... not worth the money spent on 2 cards....
    If you are in no hurry wait up for the HD 7 series , their performance leaks show quite a bit of an improvement. There' supposed to be out soon enough.
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