Looking for 4 Port USB 3 single slot plate, not a card

The only 4 Port USB slot plate I have found so far, is USB 2.0. Which is great because I want that as well for my Motherboard USB 2.0 ports.

But so far I have not been able to find this exact same setup in USB 3.0

The site search feature seems to be broken right now, so if this has already been solved I would appreciate a link to that thread and product.

So if I find it first, can I mark my own post as the Answer?
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    I found one! But I now need to find one from a source I trust buying from. Is it possible for me to select my own answer?

    Update: So I found a total of 5 places with this solution. 4 of them appear to be the exact same product. But all with their own part number and no brand listed. Not on ebay either. Which I would at least trust. But I don't trust any of these sellers and neither do the few reviews I found on some of them.
  2. I keep getting emails from the forum asking me "Did you get your answer?" , yes I did. I answered it myself. I wish one of the sources was a place I trusted. But I did find 5 places to buy it. So how do I mark my thread as answered so I stop getting these emails?
  3. So these emails are getting really really old. I don't see a "gold cup above my thread" so I can mark it as the answer. Is there a way to either mark my post as the answer or to stop the emails.

    Quote from my email from today:
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    unsubscribe from the emails.
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