Need help. getting a lot of stuttering/ hitching in every game I play.

Hello, I'm new to these forums so please forgive me if this is not the right place to post this. Anyways. I'm having a very annoying problem with my computer, it has been going on for about 5 months now.
When ever I play a game half the time I will get stuttering, hitching, and freezing. For example I when I play skyrim half the time I will end up getting this weird buzzing sound in the audio, the mouse will jump across the screen, the game will stutter, and pause. It only lasts only for a split second, BUT it does it every 5-10 seconds.
If I get lucky the games will play perfectly sometimes. This problem only happens when I play a game.When I watch a video or listen to music everything is perfectly fine.
I usually have my cpu overclocked, but the problem still persists even when It's on stock clock settings.I have tried cleaning out my case thinking maybe it's a heating issue, but it's still the same. My temps for my gpu when ingame is usually between 60-70c whole my cpu reaches around 60c. So I know it couldn't be that.

I've tried uninstalling the drivers for my gpu and then reinstalling them, but that doesn't work.
As for my system specs I have an i5 cpu , 4 gigs of ddr3 ram, and an ati 5770. I'm also playing on my Desktop that I built about 2 years ago. I have ran out of ideas as to what might be causing this, so now I turn to you folks xD
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  1. it might be a bit tedious but if you run driver sweeper after you uninstall it might help but i doubt it.
    you could try an older driver one from say 6 months ago. it might have started after you updated your graphics driver and you didnt notice till you forgot about the driver.

    you can also check your processes and anything you dont need end task on.
    you can just google the process name, like "explorer.exe" in google to see if you need it.

    thats my thoughts for now.
  2. What resolution and settings do you play at?

    What size PSU (model number if you can give it) do you have?
  3. I have tried driver sweeper before when I uninstalled my video card drivers but the problem never went away. As for the resolution and settings, I usually play on my native res of 1920x1080, and high settings, But I've tried playing my game son different settings and resolutions and the stuttering is still there. And the power supply I have is this one I believe.
  4. OK well first of all at Full HD res that GPU would struggle with stuff like Battlefield and Arkham City and the like on High Settings. I think you are expecting to much from it...

    But thats not really related to the weird other issues. Have you tried a fresh windows install to see if it fixes the issue?

    But too be fair it does sound like you got a faulty card and that you should RMA it if possible.
  5. I always just reinstall stupid Windows when I am in a situation like yours and don't know how to troubleshoot further.
  6. What motherboard are you using? Do you have an IDE CD-ROM? Do you use HDD monitoring SW?
    Can you relate the "weird events" with HDD light?
  7. Well I know the limits of my gpu, The stuttering happens even on games from around 5 years ago, I can't RMA it since the warranty is out of date. As for the motherboard i'm using it's an ASUS P7P55 LX The hardrive is is 1Tb Hitachi brand, The light seems to always blink a lot and sounds like it's constantly working even on idle. But I think That might be normal, As far as the stuttering and my hard drive light I'm not sure I haven't noticed. also no I do not have an IDE CD-ROM. I have noticed something though, When I turn off Utorrent the stuttering in games is drastically reduced . But the stuttering still happens sometimes, I'm thinking It might be my wireless card or motherboard perhaps? This whole thing is strange lol
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