HELP im getting very low FPS with GTX 560 non ti

Hello just got my first ever gaming Pc and at first i thort it was awsome but , im starting to get low FPS in games like Crysis Skyrim GTA iv Mafia 2 ,

i was told i would be able to play all games some medium some ultra i put skyrim on Ultra , then tried lowering down some stuff still the same it hovers between 30-40 and some times goes down to 27 15

My specs

AMD Phenom X4 970 @ 3.5 GHZZ

8GB of DDR3 Ram

Nvidia Sparkle Geforce GTX 560 non ti 1024MB PCI Express

Win/7 64 Bit

Please help me i dont no whats wrong ive tried installing the beta drivers nothings working
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  1. If making things easier on the GPU isn't helping, the bottleneck may be the CPU. What happens if you overclock your CPU? I think there are some settings like draw distance that are more demanding on the CPU; lower those.
  2. So what can u sugest for me im kinda new to it all bro - my best freinds dad has same sort of rig and he can rull all games maxed out
  3. You said you're "starting" to get low FPS...were your frame rates high previously? If so, the two possibilities that come to mind are heat or unnecessary background processes (like malware). What are your CPU and GPU temperatures? Make sure all your fans are running, and your HSF isn't clogged with dust.
  4. Shouldnt be bottlenecking a 560 with that CPU. possibly a bad card?
  5. GTA 4 is a dog. It's a crappy pc port that seems to have slow down no matter what, but you shouldn't have a bad experience with your rig. I'm guessing either you have too much stuff running in the background, or you may have gotten some malware.
  6. What resolution do you play at?
  7. Thxx everyone , i run at 1380/780 right now just the moniter it came with ,

    and no the FPS has always been bad but i only just started playing skyrim and mafia 2

    Medel of honor runs like a treat but i was told that my rig was quite good so i bit worried at why -

    . I have 3 LED fans and one Blue Shark finded fan

    GPU temp when not gaming is around 25-27

    And the GPU is a Sparkle at 810MHZ i can overclock to around 937 i belive but as im new to Pc gaming i did nott want to risk it
  8. What mobo do you have?
  9. Very sorry very new to this lol , what is my MOBO ?
  10. mobo = MOtherBOard
  12. Ah. That's an ancient chipset board. It only runs at 2000MT/s instead of the more current 5200MT/s. That is definitely hampering your performance.
  13. Im afraid i do not no how to replace one any sugestions - Plus will it be ok for now or do you think i need a new one right away
  14. Your motherboard is holding back your system. There is no need to replace it, just know that you won't get the maximum performance possible out of your components. Replacing a motherboard typically requires completely reloading Windows and all drivers before reloading all your programs. You'll probably need a new Windows license unless you bought the Retail version.

    Edit: At least you won't need to replace your RAM too, as your board appears to use DDR3, the current standard.
  15. Ok well for now i think i will lave it but apart from my MOBO - you think my rig is Ok ? and will handle most games as im new to this so not an extreme Pc gamer
  16. Yes, compared to averages, I think your system is quite nice. Even on lowered settings, most games should play very well on it.
  17. -_- good ol budget boards. Even so HT link speed is the last thing to affect performance.

    1) Make sure you connect the monitor to your video card and not the onboard video connector on the motherboard. That pass through stuff never did work right ^_^ and I don't even know if that board supports it, but yeah just saying.

    2) Make sure you onboard video is disabled. You should be able to check in the BIOS. If it's enabled, then I would also uninstall and reinstall the drivers if Windows had it as an installed device. It should be disabled when you have your GTX 560 plugged into the PCI-E slot but MB makers don't always put that in the BIOS.
  18. Thanks very much for all your help
  19. How to i disable the obourd GRX or find out wether it is already
  20. By the way, if you're trying to max out Crysis 2 in DX11 with high textures and all that may be asking a little too much from that system. For Skyrim that GPU should be enough for it, but on max settings you may see a bit of a dip. If you look at this chart keep in mind that even though the 560 isn't included it should be a bit above the 460 and 6850,3074-6.html

    Also, with your CPU at 3.5Ghz it's understandable to see dips down to 29fps on the most demanding settings. You would be able to minimize that a bit with some overclocking, but I'm assuming you don't have a good tower cooler on that CPU :p,3074-9.html
  21. I have 4 High powerd Fns coolings pretty Sweet Actualy - so can i still play most games on Ok settings such as Crysis 2 Nice enough settings - And also i plan to upgrade eventualy to the 560 ti 2gb or the 570 - So you think i can play most games fine
  22. Yes you can play most games fine. The 560ti or the 570 is not a significant upgrade. You would be better off getting an AM3+ board with Sli certification and adding a second GTX 560.
  23. Would i have to get Win/7 Again and a AM3 prosessor or just have to get the 2ND 560 and the bourd
  24. If it's an OEM version of Win 7 yeah you would have to call good ol MS support when you install it. If you just swap motherboards, assuming windows boots up o.k, it will advise you that your hardware has changed and you need to re-activate it. If you didn't get a disk or anything then I would advise getting a copy to do a clean install, but that's just me.
  25. Ok but for now you think im ok , My plan is now Thxx t your help L8er on in the year get a SLI mother bourd anda second 560 - But for now most games run at high settings ? - Oh and thXX for your awsome ansers first forum i have gotton ansers from
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