HTPC possible to connect an Adapter directly to motherboard?

Hi Everyone,

I have been recently thinking about creating a very small htpc, I love the idea of the small form factor and want to keep it as small as possible, for what i have in mind, SFX PSU's are sadly too big and Frankly I dont see the Point of Pico PSU's when you need to plug a AC DC adapter into them, Im wondering if its possible to somehow simply using per-say wires of some sort (No idea how to explain myself) connect a Adapter straight into an ITX motherboard?

I mean there is a number of motherboards currently out there with DC Jacks already built in like the Intel DH61AG (but sadly has no Discrete GPU support) and the MSH61QI (Which would be perfect, but doesnt even have a release date yet!!).

Anyone happening to know a way? Or perhaps a motherboard like the ones already mentioned?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.


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  1. I build very small form factor HTPCs into old NES cases. I use either an 85w power supply that can be found at newegg:
    Or I get these pico PSUs from ebay:
    Yes it requires an external brick, but its best to keep the heat out of the case with a higher wattage PSU. Ive built an E-350 with a blue ray, 64 gb SSD, and a 430 GT 1gb vid card into the NES using the 85w PSU and pico. Both work excellently.
  2. Firstly thanks alot for your reply. Well for my plan to work I need at least 160watt, planning on using a i5 2390t and ideally a 7850 or most likely 7770 graphics card. Picopsu's I'v found are around 160watt but what worries me is the adapters provided with them tend be much lower wattage. Does this mean they will likely act as a bottleneck? or am I missing something?
  3. There are 200w ones, they are a bit bigger but they do exist. The adapters are AC which is converted into DC inside the brick. As long as you get the correct voltage in, you will be fine on the way out in your PC.
  4. Can you suggest where i might be able to find one, i see many 60-90 watt adapters but sadly nothing which is suitable, ideally it should be 12v adapter as I am in the UK.
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