What's happening on the 3D monitor market so far?

I just decided to start a thread hoping to encourage people to share any information or experience they may have regarding the advancements of technology in the area of 3D PC monitors leading up to the current time.

I have personally been watching the market carefully here (in Australia) since early last year and am looking forward to seeing next gen of 3D displays emerging soon.

Having had good experiences with NVIDIA graphics cards in the past, my interest of late has been focused on the new 3D Vision 2 technology and Lightboost enabled 120Hz Monitors. Apparently the problem of a darkened image has been resolved here, and ghosting is meant to be reduced too.

Alternatively there seem to be passive 3D solutions being promoted right now to rival the existing infra-red shutter technology. While attractive with features such as zero crosstalk and battery free, light weight glasses, the horizontal resolution is halved (if I understand correctly) so would look pretty horrible in games. Also the models I have seen online seem to all be limited to 60Hz which is also a downside for many who desire an ultra smooth experience.

To me, as I do 3D animation work and games on the same setup, the holy grail of monitors would be a 3D Vision ready, 120Hz IPS monitor... but I really don't expect to see this anytime soon.

There is a nice looking ASUS 27" TN with lightboost coming out down here soon so I may have to settle unless something amazing happens - like a leap in technology or something. What's next for NVIDIA after version 2 with Lightboost anyway? Autostereoscopic perhaps?

Anyway, this thread is starting to drag on so if anyone anywhere can shed some more light on the above mentioned topics then please share! Even if it's just speculation about what the next big thing might be in 3D production or gaming, your opinion is valid here.

This is intended to benifit all but personally I am looking for intel on what is to be released in the coming months here in Australia so any help would be nice.

Links to reviews etc welcome - I am always looking to the best technology out there!

Thanks everyone :)
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  1. Anyone have experience with the new Acer HN274HB? Really keen to buy a lightboost 3d monitor soon, but not sure if I should wait...
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