Should i buy an aftermarket cooler?

I'm buying a new desktop and this is my configuration:

CPU: i5 - 2500k

Mobo: Intel DH67BL

RAM: 2 X 4gb Gskill ripjawsX

GPU: HD 7770

Fans: 1 processor, 1 rear fan(92 mm) and 1 top fan(120mm), i side fan (200 mm) and 1 front fan (120 mm)

Cabinet: Vulcam Gaming mATX Chasis

PSU: SeaSonic S12II 520

1 Dvd writer

2 Sata HDD (160 gb and 2 TB)

No overclocking

Should i buy an aftermarket cooler or stock cooler of i5 2500k is good enough?
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  1. it is entirely up to u, even with no overclocking, the aftermarket cooler with decent thermal compound, will drop the CPU temps, giving longer life to the CPU
  2. Since my Cabinet is Nztx Vulcan Chasis, so which aftermarket cooler is best?
  3. the 212 coolers or clones are fine if you have the case hight for them. they also making low profile coolers too. the hard part with the second option is how high is your ram heat spreaders. a lot of the low profile coolers have issues with tall heat spreader. (dont fit under them).
  4. So the question remains which one should i buy?? and as ram is concerned, i m buying Gskill ripjawx, which i guess is taller than a normal RAM
  5. your case can take the eve 212 with a few inches to spare.
    165mm (without 35mm thick side 200mm fan)
    wont be able to use a 200mm side fan with one of the tall one.
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