Why is my old phenom 965 machine better than my new i5 3570k - unusual

I'll explain the whole story...

I normally play EVE online with 15 clients on my pc, my usual pc has 16GB ram @ 1300 mhz, amd phenom x4 965 and a nvidia 460 GTX. This PC can run 15 eve clients at the login screen and be sat at about 30-35% cpu usage.

So I wanted to upgrade, I bought a new machine, fairly cheap, but no different in price to the amd phenom machine when I bought it. i5 2500k, 16GB ram, geforce 550 TI. This machine struggled to run 15 clients, infact if I even loaded 13 clients, it would be at 90-100% cpu usage and barely usable, CPU usage seemed to be the problem, plenty of memory was free.

I returned this machine and bought a more powerful one elsewhere, i5 3570k, 16GB ram @ 1600 mhz, geforce 550 TI and a new Asus p77 motherboard. This machine has the same problem as the last, cpu load gets heavy, to 90-100% at 13 clients and running 14 or 15 makes it damn near unusable. This was overclocked too, overclocking didn't help much, obviously I tried it without overclocking also.

I really don't know what to make of it, my older amd phenom x4 965 machine with an outdated graphics card is running 15 clients at 30% cpu usages, like a breeze, and now more powerful machines i'm buying to replace it with are not even equal to it, they're infact far worse, and it all points toward the high cpu usage.

I don't know what the problem is, any experts who can help?
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  1. Hmm, i tried the 550 TI card in the first pc, that normally handles 15 clients with a 460 GTX, and now it can't handle 15 anymore, looks like it could be the GPU, does that make sense, that the CPU would work overtime if the GPU wasn't good enough?
  2. The 460 is better than the 550. Try the 460 with the intel platform
  3. Oddly enough the new i5 3570k computer only seems to have 1 6 pin power connector and the 460 gtx requires 2 6 pin connectors.

    Do you think returning this machine and having them send me one with a 560 GTX ti will solve the problem?
  4. If you got a storebought PC (including Cyberpower, IBuypower, or the like), one place they tend to skimp unless you specify otherwise is on the PSU. It might make more sense to replace the stock PSU with something like a 500W Antec Earthwatts. It is a solid PSU, and has the two PCIE power connectors the GTX460 or GTX560Ti needs.
  5. take the power supply out of your old build stick in the new and try the 460. The 460 is quite a bit better than the 550. The 460 has 336 cuda cores and the 550 has 192... Thats a huge diffrence.

  6. The 460 is definitely a better card, it may be outdated number wise but every 4xx 5xx and 6xx series will have a range from budget to performance, the 550 is more of the budget card while the 460 was more on the performance side. Using the 460 you will lose a few features but the raw power will still be much better.

    As for power connectors, your card should've come with power adapters to go from 4-pin to 6 pin. If not, you can probably buy one for cheap.
  7. If you have the extra cash then I agree with jtt283, grab a good PSU and then you're better off in the end.
  8. So it looks like i need a better gpu than the 550 TI

    Do you think Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 TI 1gb will be sufficient? 460 GTX seems good enough, but only just, howw does this one compare?
  9. I was looking at geforce 670 GTX 2gb cards too but then it just starts getting really expensive, should the 560 GTX TI b sufficent do you think?
  10. thently said:
    take the power supply out of your old build stick in the new and try the 460. The 460 is quite a bit better than the 550. The 460 has 336 cuda cores and the 550 has 192... Thats a huge diffrence.


    So is cuda cores an important thing to take notice of? I've never really paid attention to that spec before.
  11. a GTX560 is basically an overclocked GTX 460 with all the shaders activated. a 560TI is basically a lesser GTX 570. Imho, AMD cards at the price of a 560ti performs better and is more efficient while being priced slightly better.
  12. What about a 570 gtx? Price is only a little higher but it's a lot more powerful?
  13. GTX560<GTX560Ti<HD7850=GTX570<HD7870=GTX580<GTX670

    Make SURE you upgrade the PSU first! Anything these boutique builders used to power a GTX550Ti will not be powerful enough for any of these except perhaps the HD7850, which sips juice. Even then, I'd still do it because it's probably a crappy PSU anyway.
  14. The cuda cores are the main thing to pay attention to until you get to the 670 gen then it all changes as the 580 has 512 cores the 680 has 1500 or so but it is not 3 times faster.. Just get the most cuda cores that support what you want like dx 10 or 11 the newer the card the less power it will use also.

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