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finally got myself a new computer and went and installed my old one upstairs in my wife's office. I connected a Netgear USB wireless adaptor and set the proper SSID and WPA. Everything went fine until she tried to upload photo's to Ofoto. The internet connectivity works fine, she can access any website and even download things. But for some reason, she can't upload things either for the purpose of emailing them or to something like Ofoto. Any idea's on what might be wrong? Thanks for any help I appreciate it.

To be more specific. I have a linksys router in my basement and the dlink wireless router is connected to that.
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  1. Understanding the problem with your wife's computer..

    How is your computer connected? Directly to the linksys?

    The Dlink wireless router has DHCP disabled? Try putting her computer in the DMZ on the Dlink router. Chances are there is a conflict between the two routers and uploading. I'm guessing you're probably connected to the Linksys so you're not going through 2 routers to access the internet. You might also need to add port forwarding if you don't do the DMZ. But I'd try the DMZ first because that should put it outside the NAT/Firewall.
  2. My main desktop is connected directly to the Linksys. I've now disabled the DHCP and will try putting the dlink on the DMZ connection.

    Edit: I've now got them getting their IP address's from my Linksys but still no ability to Upload.
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  3. If she gets stuff from the net she is connected alright, there is something wrong with the software configuration.

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  4. I don't know how Ofoto works, but could there be something blocking it in the firewall?

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  5. You don't want to use the DLink as a router. Disabling the DHCP something you need to do however you also need to NOT be plugged into the WAN port(might be called internet port) on that DLink. You only need the switch on the DLink, the LAN ports. So it goes modem to Linksys WAN port, then ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports on the Linksys to a LAN port on the DLink. That makes all the workstations on the same network, not two distinct segments. I can't tell for certain how your setup currently from your post but you don't want two NAT routed segments on your home LAN. It can work but it's not really what a budget routers does natively.
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