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Hello, I want to buy a new graphic card but i don\'t know which one is

I want to upgrade my graphic card ati redeon 1200 series on my desktop acer aspire (ase571-ep935a) with intel pentium(d).
what are the alternatives.
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  1. Could you tell us what PSU you have? I search in the internet but unfortunately I can't find it.
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    Hi Boucharyv,

    I think the issue you are going to run into here is the interface. If my googling is correct, your motherboard only supports PCI-e 1.0 and all new graphics cards are require PCI-e 2.0.

    Additionally, most power supplies from pre-built computers don't have a lot of headroom so adding a powerful graphics card would also require a power supply upgrade.

    I think your best option here might be a new system.
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