3570k OC = air, or water?

Hi everyone, me again :pt1cable:

So I've had my new Ivy system for about 2 weeks now, and I'm sitting at 4.2GHz with a Hyper 212+ using good old AS5. My temps are bearable as-is with auto voltages pushing me around 1.2-1.22V max -- about 55-65C gaming, peaking at 84, 85C when stressing. I was wondering what your opinion would be on trying out water cooling? I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to water cooling due to both lack of knowledge and worrying about leaks and failures...

I found this cooler which seems to be quite popular on Newegg:

Not sure if I want to drop that much money if it won't make much of a difference in temps though. If I could push my cpu up to 4.5 and maintain good temps, it might be worth it...and then again, I'm not sure if I would have much of a difference in gaming (I'm a big simmer, so I need cpu power!). So, what does everything think? Drop the money on a cooler, or will the 300MHz not make much of a difference?
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  1. If you never exceed the 65°C in normal use I would not bother.
  2. Water is a pain. Pumps tend to be a bit loud, and you gotta worry about potential leaks and it takes up more space than a good heatsink/fan.
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    Closed loop coolers are a good way to start with water cooling. I do not see why people always go against it.

    The H100 is a great water cooling cooler, and will give you slightly better temps. Good thing about the closed looped systems, is that leaking is not something you need to worry about. Only with custom loops should it be a concern.

    Make sure you have the room for the H100, as it is a 240mm RAD and is quite long. If you cannot fit it I would suggest the H80.


    If you had SB than the 212+ would be fine as they tend to overclock higher at cooler temps. IB can benefit from the cooler temps.
  4. I know this thread is pretty old, but I thought I would share what I've finally made a decision on.

    I was running the 212+ for most of summer, and was getting frustrated with the temps (hitting 80C at just 4.2GHz when stressing!). So, I've looked into a closed loop system here:

    It isn't the well-known Corsair series, but it is the top rated system on Newegg (yet fairly new too from what I can tell). Plus with the MIR it's a pretty good deal. But thanks for the help -- I'm at more of a peace-of-mind knowing that I won't need to worry about a closed loop leaking.

    So, another 3570k will be on water this coming weekend :)
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  6. yeah when playin bf3 on my cooler master 812 cooler i can get 4.6 hitting ~80c
    it gets a little loud

    i think water is better and quieter but good home made water cooling cost 150~200
  7. i ment ~80c on prime95 :)
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