Having problem with my sound card and 5.1 speakers

I have an Asus Xonar DGX sound card and a Logitech X-530 5.1 speaker set.
I plugged them in correctly, but only two speakers are working, and the Asus Xonar software recognise them as 2.1, instead of 5.1
What should I do?
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  1. Close all audio programs before doing this please.

    Try to right click the little speaker in the taskbar then select "Playback Devices"
    Select "Speakers" and click the "Configure" button.

    On the next page you should be able to set it to 5.1 and do a test to ensure you have sound at all speakers.
    Hit next
    Hit next once more
    Now if you want the speakers to manage what goes to the sub, select all your speakers as full range. If you want the sound card to handle bass management, leave no speakers as full range.

    That should be it.

    Please note that 2 channel audio may still only play on 2 speakers(4/5.1 will play on all speakers). If that happens you will have to play with the options in the Xonar control panel(check for Dolby Virtual Speaker).
  2. May I piggyback on this post please?
    I just purchased a DGX card also, and I cannot get the ASUS/Xonar software program to recognize and "test" the center or subwoofer. I did what you suggested about making sure the Windows playback device settings was set to 5.1, and when I test the speakers there, I get the same issue - no test sound from the center or subwoofer.
    However, when I play music, the subwoofer provides great bass, and I can get sound from the center speaker during certain playback...even though I can't "test" those two speakers!
    What I don't understand is why neither software program (Asus or Windows) can get the speakers to respond during a "test" of the speakers, but the speakers both work anyway...???
  3. Very strange, If you had extreme bass, I would say somehow the sub and center got mixed up(if you send center to the sub, it adds to the bass the sub is already getting from the other channels), but when that happens, the center never plays anything in most cases(sending the sub/LFE to the center should be blocked by the crossover).

    Most computer speakers get the bass for the sub from all channels and filter it out of the satellite speakers and send it to the sub. To that point, I can even disconnect by sub from the computer(since it is RCA cables I would not loose the center) and still get bass from it because the speakers do the work them selves.

    I have never seen this, but I do not have a DGX card to test with.
  4. Make sure the "Number of Channels" is set properly from the ASUS Control Panel. If listing to a 5.1 source, then it should be set to "6 channels" for proper playback.
  5. Thanks Nuke - my 5.1 setup does have center/subwoofer on the same output from the card as you mention, but all of the speaker cable RCA connectors tie into the back of the subwoofer, so there isn't really a separate cable for the sub...just the five satellite speakers, one of which is the center speaker. I've checked all the connections, swapped speakers (to be sure there wasn't a cable issue), etc. The sub has a separate volume control on it, and you can turn it "off", but there isn't a cable or disconnect for it. I was fooling around with the "full range" settings the other day, and may try playing with those settings again also, just cuz...

    Gamer - I had it set to 8 channels. Will try changing to 6 when I get home to see if that makes a difference. Thanks!
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