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Hello all!

I'm pretty new to building systems so please bare with me.

I'm trying to build a system for my sister on a $600 budget. I don't need any periphals (mouse,kb, etc.), I have a SSD and case available for this build so I don't need those either. Also, would be using their current HD as extra storage. The reason I'm asking for advice from others is this system will be mainly for simple internet and computing tasks. Gaming will be very very light and they will watch basic stuff like Hulu and Netflix. I'm more familiar with pure gaming components but that would be overkill for them. I'm not sure if what I would go with would be even necessary for them such as an extra video card for the movies? Or if onboard video from a mobo would suffice.

Can anyone recommend a system that would seem 'fast' for them as far as internet/movies is concerned? What I mean by fast is something responsive and won't bog down once they have 2 or 3 programs going. $600 is the limit but if a system can be built for less, even better. Thanks in advance. If more info is needed, please let me know.
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  1. Do you have Windows? And what website are you ordering from?
  2. Hi,

    I'm sorry I didn't read the posting guidelines beforehand, saw it after I posted. Although I did not think it had gone thru to begin. Anyhow, I do not have Windows 7 yet and I'd be getting my parts thru Amazon mostly.

    Again, I'd like to get the most out of the budget if possible unless it's overkill.
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  4. Thank you very much!
  5. No problem.
    This PC will suite your sisters needs since it will play most games on med settings. Price, with everything comes to around $475 not including taxes or shipping, so I'm guessing a 575 total with everything.
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