Finished Custom Build Plz Rate/Comment

Hey guys, been behind the scenes for quite a while now. Just recently came back from Military Deployment in Iraq. Decided to finally splurge on a custom built PC for myself. Please rate and/or Comment on the new build.

Computer Specifications:

Cooler Master Comos II
Asus Xonar Essence STX
Corsair SP2500
Crucial M4 128G SSD (O/S)
2x Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB
Asus Rampage IV EXtreme
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 32G
I7-3930K 3.2GHz (OC 4.8GHz)
3x Evga SC GTX 570 (1.088/875/1750/2100 Stable/ Full Load 58c)
Seasonic X-1250 Gold Cert
Corsair H100
3x Samsung S23A700D Monitors (can run at 60hz-120hz[3D])
Razer BlackWidow UlitmateKeyboard/Mamba Mouse
Steel Series SX Gaming Mousepad
Astro A40 w/Mixamp
Linksys(Cisco) E4200 Db/N Router
LG Black Internal 3d Playback Blu-ray R/W
2x Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless PC Controllers
HP PhotoSmart 7510 Printer

Pictures working on/Finished project:

Went with the GTX 570's due to performance bench's and economical on the price. seen better bench's on SLI 580's to beat out the 590's. and 570's aren't too far from the 580's So decided to go with the 570's. Decent price great performance.

Final Price $6024.75 Almost all Parts bought from Rest from

Only thing left that I can think of is switching from Timewarner/Roadrunner to Verizon Fios. Dedicated band is oh so nice instead of dealing with flux's due to peak or off hours.
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  1. BEAST! pics look great thank you for your duties! my cousin has been back and forth a few times already scary stuff man.. on a better note tho this looks awesome! two 3tb hdds haha holy cow you must have alot stuff
  2. On a scale of 1-10...I give you a 5 for effort :) /s

    Nice build. Why not go with GPU with better cooling though?
  3. phamhlam said:
    On a scale of 1-10...I give you a 5 for effort :) /s

    Nice build. Why not go with GPU with better cooling though?

    Lol thanks. Im gonna be upgrading the cards to water cooling. Just gonna do it at a later date. The bottom of the case can fit another radiator since the H100 is on the top of the case. I wanted to fixate another 2 fans on the h100 rad but then it would be a really tight fit on the top and I wanted to connectors to have some breathing room.

    Theres a 8 bay section right next to the PSU which is completely empty. Can fit another Rad there and use water blocks for the gtx 570's. Theres alot of room in the Cosmos II. Can literally do alot with it.

    Future tense Im still waiting on the new Nvidia cards that they claim to be 40% more efficient then the latest HD 7970. If so I may take out those 570's and put it in the GF's PC upgrade her from a single 6950. Then use those as a dual SLI.
  4. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck with that.
  5. This is system i would like to buy but not the case i like it if they have some white one,

    But sadly, can't afford that now
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