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Hello all!

So I put this under 'CPU' cause I'm not really sure where the problem lies...

So I bought a new pre-built PC (the company built it) about 3 weeks ago, and I've recently noticed a sudden Frame drop in-game after I've played for about 15-30 min.

I've looked all around the web for an answer to this, and people said it could be a heat related issue. But since I've downloaded various programs to check the temp on both GPU and CPU, it all seemed fine...
Until I noticed that when I looked at my CPU core temp in HWmonitor it seemed fine at first, sitting around 15-25°C idle and about 40-65°C in-game. But when this sudden lag occurs the temp rises to 255°C! Now I know this isn't the case since my CPU would've melted by now if that was true. And that temp is frozen at 255 until I reboot the system. And that fixes the lag too. But that's just a temporary solution, and I want this issue solved permanently!

The GPU temp is sitting at around 35°C idle and 45-65°C in-game. I've also downloaded MSI Afterburner to adjust the GPU temp abit, so that shouldn't be the problem.

Here's my specs:

OS: Win 7 64-bit
Case: Cooler Master Elite 430
Processor: AMD FX 4100
Motherboard: MSI 760GM-P23
Memory: Kingston ValueR. DDR3 1333MHz 4GB
Graphics card:XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 "Dual Fan"
Harddrive: Seagate Barracuda® 500GB
Power Supply: Silver Power SP-SS500 500W

Tell me if I've missed some valuable info, I'm not that "techy" :P
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  1. maybe try updating the BIOS on your mobo... seems like the heat sensor is reporting erroneous information causing the cpu to down clock... though I would think it would just turn itself off if it thought it was that hot...
  2. who did you buy the pc from? You should be under a 1 year warranty. I would contact their customer support and report the problem and go through their repair/replace service.
  3. I live in Sweden and I bought it from a company called Komplett. Pretty comparable with Newegg I would say. But yeah I have sent them an email to their customer support. But since there's an extended weekend now in Sweden, they will most likely not respond to any email/phonecall until monday.
  4. I would go easy with your pc and gaming until they can fix or replace the problem part (s) but don't open it up or you will void the warranty
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