Evga 460 sli pny xlr8

I have a PNY XLR8 460GTX
i m building a new rig, and wanna either buy a new gtx card(560?570?) but my friend told me it be better to run sli.
problem is that i having trouble locating same card i got. so i thinking getting evga 460gtx SC, now i m confused. will my set up work with it.

my msi burner saying 675mhz on core, 1600? somewhere on shader. and 1gb ddr 5 memory.

now from processor number and everything, look like evga and pny is the same, but the evga is fast mhz, and i believe when speed faster the number on shader is bigger. honestly i m totally glueless on this.

so here again, this is what i thinking to get
evga sc 460 gtx fermi 1gb 192bit gddr5
core clock 867
shader clock 1734
stream processors 336 processor cores
effective memory clock 4050mhz
memory size 1gb
memory interface 192 bit
memory type gddr 5
directx 11
open gl 4.2
sli ready

my card
pny xlr8 460gtx
675 core clock
1350 processor clock speed
1gb gddr 5

couldn't get more info. but will this pair together?
i overclocked once to 775 core clock, and have no issue, but i back it off.
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  1. Just as long both cards are GTX460 1GB they will SLI together at the speed of the lower card!
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