HELP! Computer Freezes Up Forcing Reboot Constantly...


I am in desperate need of help with my computer. My computer freezes up at random times. It can go a week of heavy usage without doing it or it may do it 15 times in one day with very light usage. It just recently did it while I was reading news online and listening to music. When it occurs, the music stops and the computer becomes unresponsive to clicks. I am able to drag a window around, but am not able to click on anything that requires a response. After waiting half a minute or so, the computer becomes completely unresponsive other than allowing the mouse to move on screen.

Gigabyte Intel z77 ga-z77x-ud3h
Corsair Vengeance (2x8gb) 1600MHz
Corsair 650w
Corsair 650d Case
Samsung 128gb SSD(boot drive)
Seagate Barricuda 2tb 6gbps
2 HP 23" monitors
HIS Radeon HD6870

I am running Windows 8 preview. I am not convinced that it is the OS causing the issue since I haven't heard anyone else running windows 8 having the same problem. If it is the Windows 8, then I will gladly buy a Windows 7 code and go on my merry way. Is there a log that I can check on my computer that will indicate the crashes cause? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. avenseth12 said:

    Thanks. I went in and updated the display driver. It has been a few hours and no lock ups. I'll update with more details if it does.
  2. good for you.
  3. As wonderful as it would have been for it to be such an easy fix, it doesn't appear so. It has continuously been freezing up. Today, I simply turned on my computer and left it on for a few hours without opening any applications and when I came back to check on it, it was frozen. Any other tips or advice?
  4. If you can get windows 7 that will most likely solve your problem
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