Radeon HD 4350 and Radeon X600

Hi all, trying to make something work and it's fighting me tooth and nail.

TL;DR I'm broke and trying to make something work with what I have instead of dropping money to upgrade

Full story:

I've got a rig here that runs like a champ, it's "old" but still does everything I require.

MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
4gb PC3200 ddr
ATI Radeon HD 4350

I don't have a 2nd pci-e x8/x16 slot on this board, but I do have the open end x4 slot. I've got another video card here, Radeon X600 (one of Dell's upgrade cards), that does work in the x4 slot.

I'm not expecting full performance from anything plugged into the x4 slot. I've got 3 displays on my desk, currently only using 2 as my 4350 is limited to 2 outputs at a time. One is a 4:3 type lcd, the other a 16:10 type lcd (older widescreen). With just the 4350 I can run both screens at max res, no problems.
With the X600 installed to drive my 3rd display (again, I have no illusions of using that one to game with, it's only a 15" and all I need it for is more desktop space when I'm working on wiring schematics or working on my website), the 4350 seems to drop to a more primitive driver. It loses half it's resolutions, including the 16:10 resolutions (in this case, my widescreen runs 1440x900). I tried editing the registry and drivers to force the resolution, but no dice. At the same time Catalyst also gets screwy. With the X600 removed, everything returns to normal. I have my resolutions back, Catalyst works proper, etc.

If I have the money I'd love to upgrade to a more recent chipset, such as the AM3+ or the FM1, but budget does not allow that for a while.

So for now, can anyone recommend some form of workaround that would let the HD4350 and the X600 work together in harmony?
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  1. Forgot to mention, both the 4350 and the X600 were installed with the latest drivers from AMD/ATI
  2. Hoping to resolve this without having to resort to a fresh install of Windows
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