New build, second guessing myself on the power supply

Hello, I just purchased my parts for my new build, but I am debating on returning the psu that I picked Corsair TX650w for an OCZ ModXstream pro 700w modular power supply. I like the modular idea but it isn't a big factor. And I am trying to keep it at $100 price range. Is there any other psu recommended?
Thanks for the help!

Here are my parts:
NZXT Ph410 case
Asrock Z68 extreme3 gen3
4Gx2 Gskill sniper 1600
500G WD SATAlll
CoolMaster CPU cooler
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  2. I'd go with the Corsair TX650 - a lot of Cooler Master PSUs have false labeling and fake certifications, Corsair is the far safer bet. Alternately you could consider Antec, Seasonic, or XFX,
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