How to pack a PSU?

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I am going to RMA my PSU and I was wondering how exactly would I put it in a box. I assume I would have to provide some kind of padding, and label the box as fragile. Would I need to take any ESD precautions? I also assume I would have to use some kind of heavy-duty packing tape. I'm probably just over-protective though. Thank you to anyone who can assist me.
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  1. Is it broken? I would just put it in it's original packaging and put that in a box with packing tape. If you are worried about ESD for some reason but it in an antistatic bag.
  2. Like this:

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    Based on the context of your question, it sounds like you don't have the original packaging.

    Get a gallon size Ziploc bag and put the PSU inside then put it into a box that will hold it and fill any loose space with packaging peanuts. Seal the box with packaging tape, address it and send it on its way. Make sure you include any loose cables that came with the PSU.
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