No boot with CPU installed

I wanted to clean out my old system and get it working like new and wanted it to run quietly with a new CPU heat sink and fan. I removed all components, cleaned with just air and brush, and reassembled. I now can't get the systems to start with the CPU installed.

System was running before I started my detailed cleaning.

A7n8x-e Deluxe MB
3200 AMD 32bit socket A

All components are removed except power.

Without the CPU installed. All fans run, system stays on. When I install the CPU, it turns on for one sec and goes off, only power light remains on. I have checked the pins. I'm going to remove the Cmos Battery and reset the Jumpers but that's a long shot.

Did I screw up the pin holes after blowing air in them?
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  1. You put on a new CPU heatsink and fan, I take it you also applied new thermal paste. If you did, it's possible some paste spilled over the side of the CPU and it's causing a short at the CPU socket. Check your CPU and make sure there is no spillover on your thermal compound, it should only be on the top of the CPU, not on the side or bottom.
  2. Thanks, I got it resolved... just reapplying paste and putting back on the heatsink worked on the 2nd attempt to get a post with it installed.
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