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Howdy all,

I've been checking around a few websites over the last few days to see what kind of computer I could build for around $900. That plan quickly went out the window and I am now up to $1147.91 (pre-shipping) at newegg. I wanted to ask what kind of suggestions everybody had, and to see if everything here worked with, well, everything else. As far as I can tell it will, but I started to get worried that the power supply might not be compatible or something. Well hopefully somebody can figure it all out, and here are all the parts.

Colermaster HAF912 59.99

i5 2500k 224.99

Intel boxdz68bc 199.99

Corsair hx850 174.99

GeForce Gtx 560 249.99

G.skill ripjaws 2x4gb (memory) 41.99

Coolermaster 212 EVO 34.99

WD caviar WD1002FAEX 139.99

Asus 24x DVD burner 20.99
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  1. spend less money on your motherboard and PSU, is my only input.

    ASrock x3/Gen3 is a great board

    and this seasonic PSU will power this build

    with those saving get a better GPU.
  2. Put all of your parts into PC part picker it will tell you if they are compatible or not. It will also show you where you can buy them cheapest
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