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I have the same 300 budget I just have a 460 se I am considering upgrading to Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448. My concern right now is I would like to run BF3 on ULTRA and Same with SKYRIM I am sure it is my video card that is the issue. I am just wandering if I should bother upgrading with my current budget. I dont need to be pulling like 90fps and I am even ok with a little bit of a drop during like SUPER intense moments but right now they are barely playable on those levels and not some much for BF3. So that being said and helpful suggestions would be much appreciated
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  1. That would be a nice upgrade then again with the new generation cards around the corner, can you survive until then?
  2. The 560ti 448 will handle it, but like rolli59 said, I would wait for the next generation, you will probably get cards with GTX 580 level performance for $300 by then.
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