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Just wondering how I can tell if my water pump in my PC is running. CPU is running at 30-35 degrees idle. Wondering if its not working of that is the basic temp its going to run at with liquid cooling. I had to rma one of my rad fans so I only have 2/3 fans running on top and still need to get the 3 for the bottom. Would that 1 fan cause my water cooling to be less then what it should be at?
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  1. 30 to 35 idle are normal temps. Incase the pump was not working you'd see a pretty steep rise in the temps.
    If it's a liquid cooled setup which you have made then you should add a flow indicator to the pipes, that would help you out. If it's a prefilled closed liquid loop then usually you might hear a sound of liquid guzzling through the tubes but those temps indicate the pumps working .
    The idle temps are not going to go below the ambient temps of the room or the rig remember that.
  2. And no the 3rd fan is not going to cause any difference at idle but at loads it will make a difference. The sooner you get the fan back the better.
  3. You can always gently squeeze your tubing to check as well, it will give a pulse as it pushes the next cycle through
  4. Its not a closed loop system. I don't really hear the pump working, might just be silent. I plan to get more fan for it as time goes on and maybe add a fan controller but I heard fans connected to PSU will be at 100% speed anyways. I have twister bearing fans so they are completely silent.
  5. Fans on psu are at 100% unless you wire in a resistor/adaptor (which is basically a resistor to drop it to 5v)
    flow indy is a good idea, or if you can see your water moving in the res (assuming you have an air pocket in there (I have zero air in my loop)
    my pumps silent as well, but I know its working :)
  6. Felt the pump and its vibrating slightly so I assume its working, right? I don't have any air bubbles in the system except for the drain hose I have connected to the reservoir. There is a little condensation in the reservoir and the fluid level dropped some, is that normal?
  7. Yup, vibrating pump can be taken as working, good call on zero air
    It helps quieten the loop, and drop is normal as air works its way out, try moving/rotating the case whilst running, make sure everythings secure first though :-)
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