Getting a seperate graphics card on llano apu increase cpu performance

Please dont criticize me or my simple question, I'm new to this whole computer building and forum thing. Ok so I have an AMD A8-3870k Llano APU, lately my computer has been getting some high cpu usage while running a small server and playing a game. I was wondering if I getting a separate graphics card will help level out the apu since it struggles a bit between cpu and gpu usage. Bottom line will the cpu perform better with a separate graphics card.
The server I run is a small minecraft server and I mostly play minecraft while I run it.
couple pc specs just incase
AMD a8-3870k APU 3.0ghz
4GB ram
p.s. will getting 8GB help too? thanks
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  1. Short answer - NO :)

    Long answer - Adding a more powerful card may help fasten applications in the future when they start making use of OpenCL....some of them already do like Winzip etc.....but pure x86 code can't be speeded up.

    Unfortunately, as the 3870k is THE fastest chip u can get for a FM1 socket, ur only option left now is to overclock:)
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