1st Time Comp Builder, Simple? but desperate questions.

Hello, my name is Will! I consider myself a semi-hardcore but very dedicated gamer. I'm a GM of a 8/8 guild on Wow and I LOVE Skyrim. That said, i recently built a new machine.

CPU AMD|6-CORE FX-6100 3.3G 14M
MB ASUS|M5A97 970 AM3+ SB950

I managed to put it all together safely, install Windows 7 Legit and got it up in running - after a headache of realizing I had a bad stick of ram.

That all being said, Skyrim plays at almost full settings and WoW auto detects at Good Settings. My playing in WoW is not what I expected it to be for this system. I can't get above 60fps (which my monitor could be holding me back? 60hz) but, i rarely sustain 60 fps, quite the opposite actually. I have odd Lines going up and down the screen, some might not notice but very noticeable to me - frequently while playing wow, not so much in skyrim. I haven't Overclocked anything - yet (Still new to this).

If your still with me, my question is more or less asking someone to .. assist me in checking all the essentials and setting .. all the right settings. I really want to be able to play these games in almost full settings (what i thought id be able to with a 6core and gtx570) but atm, feels like i cant. The lines is my biggest concern. I haven't updated my MB bios (Not sure if this is HUGE or .. small but required) and im running on version 575 graphics driver, most recent is 586 (Guildy suggested it b/c he had similar issues). And i am running wow on dx11.

.. I think thats all of it. I'm new again to posting on forums and if this is a wrong place to post it i profusely apologize now. I have a raid in 7 mins and I'll be checking in as frequently as possible. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. I am not an expert but it sounds similar to the problem I had with a 4870 a while back which turned out to be unstable RAM on the GPU, yours I think is a factory overclocked model so the 1st thing I would try is lowering the clock back to standard and if this solves it RMA the card. Its also worth running HWMonitor to check what your max temps get to on the CPU & GPU. I would expect the system to max WOW easily.
    Sorry to tell you but the FX CPUs are terrible for gaming compared to the older phenom CPUs and cheaper Intel CPUs this may limit performance in some games.
  2. Graphics driver updating is usually a good idea, there may a bug with WoW since the much more demanding Skyrim does better.

    Skyrim is also much more CPU demanding so that's probably not it, unless WoW isn't utilizing the BD modules properly
  3. It might be screen tearing that is causing those lines to appear. Skyrim has vsync on by default so you won't see them in there. Try turning on vsync in WOW and see if it goes away.
  4. I have vsync on and tripple buffering. FPS doesn't hold steady at 60 - which i thought it would in WoW. The 'tearing' or scrolling lines are not always there but they're random.
  5. No way you'll get 60 fps constant in WoW.

    I've got GTX 560 Ti overclocked to 950 Mhz, i5 2500k @ 4.3 GHz and my system gets 60 fps in silent areas, but when it comes to raiding, for example, today on our heroic attempts on Yorsahj, my fps would dip into 35-40s during black phase, and mind you, I am raiding 10 man.

    Also, in crowded Orgrimmar, I cannot get more than 40 fps either.

    It's just very old engine, which cannot use up current hardware that we are trying to throw at it. Remember, they began creating it back @ 1999.

    For the screen tearing, disable triple buffering but keep vsync on, it should solve your problem.
  6. I will try disabling Triple Buffering - But it happens in Skyrim as well. Not sure if tearing is the best way to describe it ... ... like .. waves of light lines. Mostly appearing at the bottom during wow, and up and down majority of my monitor during skyrim.

    And now recently i have gotten a Blue screen with "A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the () time interval." A word got cut off in the picture but that's the jist of it.
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