HELP!! New video card Doesnt show up on monitor!

i upgraded my video card to a 6850 and im using a vga monitor but it only has 2 DVI ports so i used the DVI to VGA adapter it came with and it shows as no signal! what do i do?

i used my onboard to check if it was the monitor it loaded up just fine, switch back to my video card using the adapter and no signal again?!

running out of ideas

i go into the bios using my onboard and it detects the video card but it wont show up on my monitor when i plug it into it?!!!!


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  1. I think there is a 6 pin connecter that comes out of your power supply that connects to the back of the card. I don't know much about the 6850 cards. I know that the AMD cards up to a point don't take the 6 pin connecter. You might want to check it to be sure. Here are two links that might help.
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