AMD Phenom ii or AMD fx series

I'm hopefully going to be building my first pc soon and i want to know which CPU is better for gaming. I've been looking for a while now and there seems to be no reasonable choice but i don't want to buy a CPU and be disappointed.

Also i want to know if the AMD Phenom ii x4 will fit in a AM3+ socket since the CPU socket is AM3.
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  1. Phenom II, however, why not an i5? AM3+ works with Phenom II X4 cpu's.
  2. amuffin said:
    Phenom II, however, why not an i5? AM3+ works with Phenom II X4 cpu's.

    because I'm on a smaller budget that i really want to
  3. More information.
  4. Phenom II 965 would be better $120 from Newegg and Tigerdirect. The only FX CPU I would seriously consider is the 8120, they run about $170.

    Yes, Phenom IIs work on AM2+/AM3/AM3+, however FX CPUs only work on AM3+.

    And you will not be disappointed with gaming performance so long as you pair it with a decent card, as for gaming, video cards are the critical component more often than not.
  5. Phenom II 965BE otherwise i5-2500K
  6. let this be the end of it, As you can see the fx-8150 performs very well, and there is a difference between the 8120 and 8150, cause the 8120 in this is already over clocked to 3.6 to match the 8150 stock clock. I don't know but I really did this to prove the point that the 8150 is better then the 8120 and is not just a difference in clock speeds. I added the i5 and the 965 cause those are often cpus people say to get over the 8150/8120
  7. ^^ gaming is what we are talking about, not synthetic tests that are handpicked to show favorable results one way or another.
    the 965 will do just fine if you give it a good overclock just dont go too high ont he graphics card tier or it will be choked a bit.
    i5 2500k isnt super pricey and will outperform it at stock when the phenom is overclocked past 4.0
    if youre set on amd, the piix4 965be is a good performer for the price. the lower end fx chips like the 4100 and 6100 etc. tend to have issues with certain games, as to why i wouldn't ever recommend one for gaming.
  8. actually this really wasn't to put prove things one way or the other, even then this is to show people that the 8120 is not the same as the 8150 and that the fx series are not these terrible slow things that people make them out to be. These numbers are not hand picked in anyway to make one look better then the other, otherwise the 2500k would not have been 2x better at integer math

    As gaming goes I have a fx 8150 rig and can do video rending and still play games without maxing the cpu and would recommend it if you going to be doing lots of stuff at the same time while gaming.

    ps I also have a 2500k rig used for a lan rig, it performs well at gaming, just not at doing lots of stuff while gaming.

    I can post my cinebench scores if that is a "Better" test for you.
  9. No. we dont care about your fx
    This thread is to help op not post your synthetic benchmarks
    In gaming the piix4 are better than the fx 4 and 6 cores
    Rendering while gaming isnt everyones goal and in this case seems that op is more worried about pure gaming performance for the price which the pii are better at in the lower price range
  10. i'm trying to help the original poster, giving him data to decide, not word of mouth.

    Also yes a piix4 is better then a fx 4 or 6 but, again you also said you can bottle neck it with a high end gpu, something that also shows in my data. Your missing the point, I even said would recommend the 8150 if your going to be doing lots of stuff while gaming, i5 2500k if your going to be doing just gaming.

    The fact is YOU don't care your mind has already been made up, maybe the OP does tho.
  11. Op is on a strict budget. Read
  12. Frompadompus said:
    i don't want to buy a CPU and be disappointed.

    You read.

    depending on a couple of factors you could easily cut some corners to save the extra $100 to get a 8150 over a piix4, for example most computer cases are well over the $100 mark, could save a lot getting a cm storm scout (one of the best lan rig cases) a elite 430, or a x-trooper. Then you have your psu, what kind is he looking at? how many watts? modular? what kind of gpu? is he planning on getting 2 for SLI/Crossfire? What about the hard drive is he going SSD or standard? whats the capacity?

    You tell me to read that the OP is on a budget? You know as much as I do.

    This is his first computer build he may not be looking at all of his options, All we can do is suggest things its ultimately his choice, his computer, and his money.
  13. I'm just surprised that people still ask the same questions as this forums is filled with posts about phenom II vs. FX, intel vs. FX etc. And people still bash each other when a new thread is made about the same subject.

    My favorite is when someone asks "just like the OP did" just about the AMD differences and he gets referred to intel, when he didn't clearly ask that.

    My answer to the OP is the "benchmarks" indicate the Phenom II is a stronger chip for gaming over the FX.

    I use a fX6100 and have zero problems with any games I play and I run everything on ultra. At the end of the day the CPU is important but the GPU you pair with it is more important.

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