Biostar N68S3B GeForce Socket AM3 Motherboard : Video Card Upgrade


I bought a kit awhile ago and I have been using the onboard video but I would like to get a new video card.
I have my eyes on this one:

but I am not sure it will work on the board, so if anyone can help me out that would be great :)
If won't any other recommendations would be great. Looking to spend 200-275 at most if possible.

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  1. The motherboard is perfectly compatible with that card; any PCIe x16 card, in fact. You may, however, have an issue with your power supply. That card requires a powerful PSU to run it when it's heavily loaded (as in intense gaming). Use this PSU calculator to judge the size you need depending on other power hungry devices in your system.
  2. Great Calculator I was looking for something like that, thank you!

    I figured I would have to upgrade the PSU. I'm a graphics designer but it's been a long time since I got a new machine so I was out of touch with everything. Thanks again!
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