Newly hardwired house for internet,do i need a switch or router?

My father in laws house has just been hard wired with ethernet ports in everyroom for the internet(like a hotel)
He doesn't want to use a wireless router, he wants the internet to run directly into the ports and this is one area I know little about.
The guy from the internet company is coming to set up the internet tomorrow, does my father in law need to buy a switch to set up from his main PC downstairs to create a network? Or can a normal router be used by plugging an ethernet cable into the back of one of the ports into a port in the wall and have it distribute the signal throughout the house?
How does this work, like in hotels or businesses?
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    you need a Router.
    Yes that is correct, you plug the Ethernet cable right in to the back of the router.
    The internet plugs in the Port labeled WAN (wiad area network) and the Ethernet cables from the house plug in to the other connections.
    Most router only have 4 ports, so only 4 things can be wired in to the router. If you have more then 4 things, You will need a switch, and you plug on of the ports from the switch the router, and the rest of the ports on the switch can be used.

    It works basically the same was as a hotels or businesses. except you throw some extra 0s on the price tag. For equipment that can handle allot of devices.

    So if you want all of the ports active I am guessing you will need a switch as well.
    Switches come in
    5,8,16,24,48 ports. and remember you will loose 2 ports every time you add a switch.
  2. Ok, so let me verify.
    phoneline goes into router. Ethernet cable goes from router to PC at main workstation.
    Ethernet cable goes from back of router into hardwired port in wall and the signal will carry throughout the house? Is that correct? Or will there be a main area in the wall with all of the ethernet ports into one wall port that I connect them into each individually(given I have enough ports on the back of the router)?
    Should it look like this?
  3. and then from that wallport it spreads to the rest of the house?
  4. Ok, I got it all worked out and sorted. Thank you very much for your help.
    There are five ports that need to be distributed so he will be getting a switch which I found for fairly cheap.
    Thank you very much!
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  6. Glad you got it all worked out.
    If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

    nice diagram by the way :)
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