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Hey there guys,

Just bought a new pair of audioengine a5+ monitors. I have a Asus x79 PRO mobo, so should I look at investing in a dedicated sound card? And if so, what do you recommend? Price: anywhere from $0-150.

Cheers guys
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  1. Are you disappointed with the onboard sound you are getting now?
  2. Haven't got the speakers yet but if I am then this will be my go to option.
  3. why not wait until you know whether the onboard sound is OK before spending money.
  4. Yea, sorry, that is what I meant. I am just being slightly organised haha :) So in that case, would something like the asus xonar dx be okay?
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  6. My on board sound card is probably better than that Diamond one haha. Cheers Bartholomew. Looks like I might go for the DX if I decide to get one.
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