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I'm having some kind of video problem. This is half new build half old.
asrock a75m
amd a6-3650
4gb gskill ripjaws 2x2
old from fine working system=
wd 36gb hdd
500w thermaltake psu
dvd drives case and what not.
old stuff that was removed=
p4 3.0
abit aw9
2gb pny
running vista, all drivers seem to be updated.I will include the windows index not sure if you can tell anything from that
gaming graphics=5.3
primary hard disk=5.5

So, We put this together and installed everything (I think) os,mobo driver cd and checked for updates. It seemed fine to me. Then the kid put his game onto it from a external hdd and started to play. I was then informed I ruined his pc and he cant play the game because he cant see anybody.It looked ok to me,so i told him he was nuts.After hours of this i put his old stuff back together and sure enough he was right. He then used future3dmark01 (not sure if thats the correct name) and got a score of 20,000+. Put all the new stuff back in updated everything (I think) used the driver auto detech from amd site it installed new video and cpu drivers. Did that program again and it got a score of around 17,000. I must assume something is wrong as a brand new mobo,cpu-video combo and ram just cant be worst then the old stuff. or can it? Any thoughts or ideas would be great.
Thank You.
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  1. Don't use 3D Mark 01, it's not any more reliable If I'm not wrong. If you want to check something, use the free 3d Mark 11 or cinebench 11.5 to test and compare both CPU and GPU.
  2. I don't see any video card info here, which video cards did you have?
  3. hang-the-9 said:
    I don't see any video card info here, which video cards did you have?

    Seems to be integrated 6530D..
  4. refillable said:
    Seems to be integrated 6530D..

    That explains the low performance, that is an OK integrated card, but not a good card overall.

    It's ranked 236th on the video card charts for PassMark. To be an OK card for games, needs to be in the 100+ ranking.

    Radeon HD 6530D 543 236 NA NA

    Upgrade the video card, you should have gotten a faster CPU and a stand-alone video card for the build.

    There is a system builder article that Tom's puts out every so often that covers good gaming PC builds for several budget points.

    Also if that drive is a 36 gig regular drive and not an SSD drive, need a new hard-drive. A drive that's 36gig in size will be much slower than anything out now.
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