Upgrade to this or wait for the gtx 6xx?

hey guys
this is the proposed new rig im gonna build.
Will this be enough for games like BF3 or should i wait for the kelper?
I have time till may.
Total Budget $600

Processor - Intel Core i5 2500 3.3 Ghz
Motherboard - ASUS P8Z68-M PRO
Graphics Card - XFX Radeon HD 6850 1Gb
Power Supply - Corsair CX500
RAM - Corsair Vengence DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB)

Im stuck with this mobo because my case is uATX.
And should i go with 6850 or take 560?
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  1. Wait for Kepler. It is now 5 weeks away and will either get you a better GPU for the same $ or push the price of the GPUs you are currently looking at down and save you some money.

    Normally, waiting for "the next big thing" in PC hardware is a perpetual suckers game, but with Kepler being so close to release, this would be quite possibly worth a little bit of waiting.

    Edit - semi-related: Since you specified you're stuck with microATX, I'm guessing the case you're using doesn't have a ton of airflow for expelling GPU heat. If that is the case (no pun intended), be careful which particular graphics card you pick as one that exhausts out the rear of the card would be substantially better for your system than one that just blows air straight down onto the card and then out into the case.
  2. 5 weeks?, i heard March 23. Which is 2 weeks and 3 days from now....But Yes Get kepler. Most of even the Medium range kepler cards are gonna be better than 1 7970
  3. Toms reported April 12th and that only the 670 and 680 would outpace the 7970 (the top 2 cards only).

  4. To answer your question, that rig should play BF3 on high settings with a dab of AA. If you wait for Kepler, SOME of them will play BF3 on higher settings, and some won't. There are cards NOW that can play BF3 on maxxed out settings. Prices for legacy cards will adjust according to where the new cards are placed and life will go on. IIRC kepler cards are PCIe 3. Will your mobo even be able to take advantage of the new bells and whistles? (I don't know the answer to this actually).
  5. Well i googled it, and a few posts in the EVGA forums, said March 23
  6. Also the march 23 date, i think is for the GK104 gpu's and probably lower models
  7. make sure you get the 2500k not the 2500 or you lose the ability to oc.
    as for kepler, well im kinda stuck on the same question as you are atm so i wont answer that :)
    but as for the 6850 and the 560 well the 560 performs better but the 6850 is cheaper, depends on your budget really, if the 560 is in or u can spend a bit more the get it. also 6870 is a good choice and it tends to be slightly cheaper than the 560 for pretty much the same performance
  8. I would wait. and as megadelayed said.. try to squeeze the 2500K into your budget
  9. Either card would be enough, yes, but I was pointing out the likely pending price changes might be to his benefit on just a $600 budget. That said, newegg has a Gigabyte brand 6850 for $120 after coupon code and rebate right now http://tinyurl.com/83fuj34

    Looking at the total budget of $600 again, you would likely get a lot more gaming performance by shifting some of the money you're spending on the CPU and Mobo to your GPU instead.

    For instance, consider getting the less expensive i5 2300 (~$45 less) or even an i3 2120 (currently $112 less after coupon code on newegg) and a H67 chipset motherboard (~$25-35 less) and then spend that $70-147 difference on a better graphics card (preferably after Kepler has arrived and compressed the rest of the GPU market some too...especially if it's as close as March 23rd now).

    Don't get me wrong! Running an overclocked 2500K is great for a gaming system, but on your budget, you will get better gaming performance out of a nicer GPU than you will out of a nicer CPU.

    edit - by way of analogy, running a 4.0+Ghz 2500K cpu in a $600 system with a 6850 GPU is like the people that buy an old economy car and then spend $2000 replacing the exhaust. Sure, that particular part of the car/system is pretty nice, but it's not making the car that much faster since it's still a gas sipping 4 cylinder under the hood.
  10. Today .....

    Under $200 .... the 6870's rule .... two of them which ya can get for $300 beat the $550 7970

    Over $200 .... the 900 Mhz 560 Ti's are the easy best bang for the buck .... two of them beat the 7970 by 28% and will still toast the top end kepler card.

    In a month .... my money's on the 7850 and the 660 Ti but we'll see what happens.
  11. Quote:
    not so sure about that.... :pfff:

    lol hopefully it wouldnt anyway :lol:
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