Please help me out with this restarting problem!!PLEASE!

Hello. I've been having this problem 2 days already. I changed my MotherBoard and CPU only. Installed Asus PK5C MotherBoard with Core 2 Duo E8200... I left everything else intact. The Graphics Card is the same - Pretty Old - Nvidia Geforce 6600 and RAMs too. One is 512 MB and the other stick is 1 GB. I connected everything well, reinstalled windows XP and it worked for 30 mins probably. Then it started automatically restarting... And it does even now. I tried ALMOST ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I could do.

I had the Power Supply 350W. But I changed it and installed another 350W supply. Still the Same.

I've tried every combination with RAMs. --------- Still the same

Nothing works... It just restarts randomly. I don't even know what to do. And the previous motherboard and cpu I had, worked fine ( 3.0 ghz intep pentium and 775xfire-VSTA ) .

Had antivirus nothing, removed, still the same...

I'm so confused I don't even know what to do.

My only hope in this thing goes to you goes. You gotta help me out. I've searched everything in the net but nothing helps.


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  1. man, your temperatures are through the roof. You need to get some case fans going, along with a better cpu cooler, pronto! That's the source of your problems, thermal overload.
  2. Looks to me that your heat sink on you CPU is not installed correctly or came loose.
  3. Hey guys. Thank you for ur replies.

    I just tested Everest and it shows something like this:


    everything seems to be alright. just the speedfan is exaggerating...

    I may even kill the HDD with this temperature. 49C for Samsung is a bit too much
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