Card or system glitch

I just built my first system and my 1 month old ASUS 6670 developed a glitch after a driver update.
Everything was normal until I updated to a newer driver and then after each boot it would need to be reset like it will not keep its configuration.
Since it was under 30 days old I was able to return it and got this one Diamond 6870

System Gigabyte GA Z68XP-UD4 Intel I5 2500k 8Gig Kingston Hyper X Seagate 1TB OCZ Agility 3 240 Gig Corsair TX650M Corsair H80 Corsair 600T White
Was this a faulty card or should I be looking elsewhere.
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  1. So it's like this. You have an old 6670, then it crashes. After you find out it crashes all the time (I think you say this way) you decided to Replace the card as it it under 30 days old. Then you replace the GPU with the 6870.

    So do you experience problem or what? Because by reading your post seems that it's the old GPU who developed problem. And your New one is fine, but you asked ''Was this a faulty card or should I be looking elsewhere''

    Which means that you asked and you have problem, but still I don't understand.

    Can you describe in more detail and clearly? I might help you after you do this.
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