CPU & Misc Recommendations? Gaming PC for Planetside 2

I'm looking to put together a new gaming PC (mostly for Planetside 2) but I'm a little lost as to what I should get, what would be optimal, and what would allow for future upgrades such as adding SLI or faster RAM, and possibly overclocking (I'm guessing water cooling is mandatory for it, don't plan on doing it right away).

I was thinking about an ASUS Sabertooth Z77, EVGA GTX 670 (x1 for now), Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz (4x4), Corsair HX 850 Watt PSU, ASUS VE248H monitor (still using a Viewsonic a90f+ lmao).

Was planning on using the Thermaltake Armor case I'm using now that I got back in 2006, my Seagate 1TB SATA 3.0Gb/s hard drive which is only about a year old, and my dvd drive (it's not used very often).

What I'm stuck on is whether to get something like an i5 3570k or an i7 3770k. I also don't quite understand the whole Sandy Bridge vs Ivy Bridge, so I'm wondering a couple things:

I'm leaning more towards the i7 3770k since it seems like it would be a better long term investment due to the hyperthreadding technology, even though from what I've read on a couple other forums most applications and games either don't use it, or don't take full advantage of it. Do you think the 3770k would be a worthwhile investment for the hyperthreadding, even though the gains over a 3570k aren't substantial? (I don't plan on upgrading the CPU until it's time for a new rig, 3-5yrs ideally)

Is the RAM optimal for this type of setup? Under the details on Newegg I believe it was, it said it was 'ideal for Sandy Bridge processors.' Is there a better type of RAM available for an Ivy Bridge processor or was that just an old selling point of sorts for when the RAM was first released?

I haven't researched water cooling, so this is probably going to be a stupid question: Are there any systems that would hook up to the 2 graphics cards and the processor or are they sold separately for each component? What would you recommend for two 670's and/or the CPU?

Just want to double check on this one, but will one of the two processors, plus motherboard, allow me to use PCI-E 3.0?

For the monitor, would the ASUS VE248H be a decent little LCD monitor? Would be my first, and could get it for $160-ish going to Fry's and having them price match Circuit City. Anything else around that price range that would be better?

Is this a decent setup overall? Is there a piece you would recommend instead? Trying to keep it under $1,500 for now. Trying not to rack up a huge bill, but I'm not afraid to spend more where it's needed. Going through Amazon for all of this since they approved me for a store card.

Thanks for reading! ;D
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  1. Probably would help to add links to the items. :P
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    most review sites recommend the 3570k over the i7 3770k. few games benefit from HT and a few even have issues with it (BF3 at launch). in real world gaming benchmarks, you would not see a worthwhile difference between the two.

    3570 review
    3770 review
    However, as you’ll no doubt have spotted throughout our performance graphs, the £160 i5-3570K is never far behind, and overclocks just as well (and in our case, better) than the i7-3770K. Here we see a case of history repeating itself: while the i7-3770K is faster at stock, the i5-3750K is far better value, and unless you’re making extensive use of applications that can take advantage of Hyper-threading such as rendering or video encoding, the i5-3750K is the better choice.
  3. Thanks ct1615, those links were very informative. I'll go with the 3570k and put the difference away towards my next build. ;D
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  5. If you have the money perhaps a 32GB VRAM with 16GB for virtual ramdrive may improve the game performance on loads...
    i guess in massive battle CPU it wath you need the most to aboid frame drops...
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