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Hey community,

I didn't really know where to post this because I really have no idea what's going on.

A couple of months ago, I started experiencing some really intense stuttering/static with my G35 headset. The stuttering effected everything (video, audio, mouse/keyboard input), and would happen during any activity, though more commonly during video games/higher activity. I google'd issues with the G35 and saw a lot of people with similar complaints, mostly unresolved, so I got a new headset, Turtle Beach PX21.

It seemed to be working much better, until I started experiencing popping with it as well. Not the intense stuttering and megabursts of static from the G35, but still obviously there's an issue.

Around a month ago I started playing around in Unreal Dev Kit. While using the G35 I had no issues specific to UDK, just the stutter. When I switched to the PX21, however, I lost the ability to hear sound when I played scenes within the editor. If I launch the scenes fully, the sound works, but playing in the editor results in a loud pop followed by silence. I also can't preview any sound files in the editor.

I unplugged my headset and, using only my old USB desk speakers and experienced the same thing. Reinstalled UDK and it worked for a few hours, then the problem recurred.

I've also experienced one total freeze and one blue screen plugging in/unplugging the PX21.

In summary, I don't know where the main issue lies. Many of the symptoms seem to overlap, and google results are pointing fingers all over the place.

If I need to xpost this to another section, let me know.

Thanks guys
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  1. computer perepherals section or home audio section are better choices.

    sounds like a driver or software issue to me.

    have you tried plugging in analog speakers (3.5mm jack) ?
  2. Just tried it. Haven't had them in long enough to comment on popping/static, it can be pretty random.

    UDK is experiencing the same issue. Sound works in the editor, then when I try to load the scene in the editor, a pop, then sound is broken.
  3. The popping has started up again in the analog headset. Trend seems to be that it starts off very mild and gets worse the longer the audio device is used.
  4. its probably not the headsets then.

    you can verify by connecting them up to another source (different pc).

    perhaps something is wrong with your soundcard/integrated soundcard?
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