RAM incompatibility issue? Please help.


So to start off I should tell you that the RAM in my machine is not fully compatible with the motherboard I am currently using, this gives me error codes on boot related to a memory issue. However, in order to actually have the machine functioning, I have to wait for the computer to post and then immediately restart. If i do not do this any program I load and explorer its self fails and the computer eventually throws out a BSOD.

Although this is beginning to happen when using the computer at random points, programs will stop responding and windows will freeze, I will also occasionally have a seemingly random blue screen. Is this all down to the RAM issue or could this be another error?

here are my specifications:

AMD phenom II x4 3.2GHz
Nvidia Geforce 550ti 1024MB
4x2GB OCZ gold edition DDR3 1600MHz RAM (the RAM i believe to be incompatible)
4x2GB Kingston hyperX DDR3 1600MHz RAM
Gigabyte Ma77ot-UD3 Mother board

Thanks for your time.
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  1. This could all be due to RAM, or it can be due to other problems also. Until you get rid of the ram incompatibility, you won't know.
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