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Hi there! I have just recieved my new PC from Cyber power systems, I have installed all the drivers that came with the PC, but yet my wireless card doesnt work, I have bought the PCI-E Wireless 802.11n 300Mbps Network Interface Card and installed all drivers, downloaded several from various websites, and yet still in device manager it says Network Controller has a ! mark and when i go to show full map on the internet troubleshoot, it tells me the device isnt plugged in, So heres the problem, the wireless card either wasnt attached to the motherboard correctly (or where ever its attached) Or i have not got the right Drivers :L The MotherBoard i have is a Asus
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  1. Alright - have you tried re-seating your PCI E wireless card? You may not have pushed it down properly (it has to be level and not at an angle).

    Are you sure it's in the right PCI E slot as well?
  2. Ah same Processor as i have! and the people at Cyber power systems built it, Tomorrow i am getting the old screw drivers out and having a good prod around inside to see if they fitted it wrong, so i can simply correct it. And im sure its in the right slot just might not be seated properly as you said. Thank you for the reply! And i will have an attempt tomorrow!
  3. Nope still no dice, it now connects to the internet, and doesnt disconnect but as soon as i unplug the Ethernet cable the wireless connection goes from "Internet Access" to "No Internet Access". So it stays connected to the BT home hub 2.0 but doesnt allow internet connection
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