CPU and what board supports it

Right now I'm trying to upgrade my rig but i'm not sure if the components would support each other, I tried google and some parts of toms and other forums but I simply can't find a thread that answers my question.

My current build is

CPU Intel Corei-7 920 (Bloomfield)
MB Intel DX58SO
VCard Sapphire HD5770

The new stuff I want replace them with are

MB Asus Sabertooth Z77
VCard Sapphire HD7850

First off I can't buy the motherboard and Vcard together, so I prioritized the Vcard first then the motherboard

After I can come up with the money to buy the board Asus Sabertooth Z77, can it still support my Corei7 920?

And can you guys tell me the different core i7s and their generations? for the PC only.

I don't want to buy the board then realize that it won't work with my old CPU so I wanted to make sure.

Secondly I will buy a new CPU (Ivy Bridge hopefully by november) in the near future.
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    MB Asus Sabertooth Z77 wont run i7-920

    thats a socket 1336 cpu and a socket 1155 motherboard

    core i7 1st gen you have

    2nd gen sandybridge

    3rd gen ivybridge

    the cpu you have now is still very powerfull if overclocked to 3.8ghz - 4.2ghz with proper cooling
  2. I see, thanks so much, glad I asked here before I went to include it in my list, so I need a 3rd generation Ivy Bridge and the mobo concurrently.

    BTW, I'm using a CM X6 Heatsink for the CPU, was that a good buy? :|

    Do you think its wise for me to wait for the Haswell rather than buying the current latest Ivy Bridge?
  3. your cpu won't run on z77 chipset which is built for ivb cpus and is socket-incompatible (lga 1366 with 1366 pins vs lga 1155 with 1155 pins). cpu perf wise, imo it would be kinda side-grade. that rig should hold out till haswell or skylake. oc the cpu with a good cooler, if you can. refer to the overclocking section if you need help with that.
    gfx card will be an upgrade with the 7850. 7850 is currently the most powerful card that requires a single pcie power connector and delivers gaming performance better than radeon hd 6950 (previously second fastest single gpu card).
    lessee if i can describe different core i7 (mainstream desktop cpus)
    core i7 8xx (lga 1156, 1156 pins), compatible with p5x series motherboards from nehalem architecture,
    core i7 9xx (lga1366, 1366 pins), compatible with x58 chipset motherboards, nehalem, westmere arch.
    core i7 2xxx (lga 1155, 1155 pins), comatible with h6x, p67, z68, z7x mobos, sandy bridge arch.
    core i7 38xx, 39xx (lga 2011, 2011 pins), x79 chipset motherboads, sandy bridge arch but extreme/enhanced version
    core i7 37xx (lga 1155), ivy bridge, compat. with h6x, p67, z68 (after bios update), z7x mobos.
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