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I use remote desktop on several networks for support and administration of machines.

I have one network however where I cannot for the life of me get remote access to work between client computers. It works between the clients and the server. The clients are all set up to accept remote connections, the users are all set up to properly be allowed to do remote access, but even inside the domain I cannot use rdp between clients. I have tried other solutions and they work fine (such as logmein etc)

The server is running 2003 and the clients are xp pro and win 7 pro. I am sure this is just a setting somewhere that I am missing but it has been driving me crazy and web searches have given me no clues.

Again the clients can access the server using rdp but the client computers themselves cannot be accessed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Can the clients ping each other?
    Can the server rdp a client?
    Are you trying to connect with an IP address or name of the computer?

    logmein doesn't count, because the client you are remote controlling talks to a logmein server out there somewhere then that talks to the client you are at. So as far as you network is concerned, there are two computer that are going to the internet, and not to each other.
    I would use like Ultra VNC for a fair test.
  2. The clients can ping each other (and view shared folders etc)
    The server cannot rdp the clients
    Have tried both name and ip.

    The exact error message is:

    The client could not connect to the remote computer.

    Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network problems are preventing your connection.
  3. Sounds like a firewall issue on those clients.
  4. Il y a une limite pour les poste client !

    Carsi tu utilise ce moyen la session qui est en court sur leposte client vas devoir s'arreter contrairemnet à UltraVNC !
  5. Sorry

    There is a limit to the client!

    Because if you use this means the session is short on the client going to have to stop contrairemnet UltraVNC!
  6. thore said:

    There is a limit to the client!

    Because if you use this means the session is short on the client going to have to stop contrairemnet UltraVNC!

    Yes there is a limit on the client.
    First you need to have a professional version on windows, he has XP pro and 7 Pro, so he is fine there.
    Second, you can only have 1 user log on a single machine at a time. So if some one is already lodged on locally or remotely, it will not let a second user log in, until the first user logs off.
    The only way around this is, get a server version on windows, it will let 2 users log in at a time, or a terminal server, that will let as many people log in as you have licenses for.
  7. Shut the firewall off on the clients with no improvement. Tested the single login theory with no results either.

    Interestingly there is one client on the network that works. I am sure this is just a client configuration that I am missing somewhere, I just can't seem to find it.

    Thanks for the ideas, any more would be appreciated.

  8. Haha, got it, thanks eibgrad for causing the right synapse to fire. There is a secondary Router on this network that was setup to only allow rdp access to a certain IP range.

    Mystery Solved.

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