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I have an issue with Lycosa I got as a gift. For example when I press "C" or "5" i get "C5" written. This happens with few keys other than "C" and "5" too, except, of course other multiple characters get written ... Any tips how to solve this ?? Brought it to the local PC repair shop, their electrician tested it and concluded that its not a hardware issue. Any tips how to solve this ??

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  1. Any tips ??
  2. eclipse_ said:
    Any tips ??

    It's a bit late, I know, BUT, I thought I would share my experiences with you, In the hope that you might find a solution within my rambling!!

    I VERY RECENTLY (In the past month or two) bought a Razer Lycosa Mirror Edition keyboard. The only difference between 'mirror' and the normal Lycosa keyboard, as far as I can tell, is the HIGHLY glossy finish on the entire keyboard, rendering it ESSENTIALLY a 'mirror'.

    ANYWAY...Long story short, After a few weeks of perfect functionality, I noticed that, every so now and again, My keyboard would RANDOMLY start to repeat the most recent keystroke, in an infinite loop, until I completely unplugged the USB connection that drives the keyboard, and plug it back in again, which fixed the problem.

    Over time, this started happening more and more frequently, but I ALSO tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them, uninstalling the drivers and letting Windows (7) handle the drivers, and finally, using no drivers at all.

    ONLY the disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard from the tower, worked.

    So all went as above, For a week, Then the backlighting randomly switched to 'WASD' mode, by itself. I didn't and NEVER go anywhere near the touch panel.

    So I unplugged the keyboard, and plugged it back in again (With the Razer Lycosa drivers installed). What-do-you-know?! It didn't work!

    At this point I started researching RMA processes for my area, When I stumbled across a tip, Buried ABOUT (I can't remember EXACTLY how many, Nor can I find the link to the post anymore) 45 pages in to a Google search, That recommended plugging the USB cables from the keyboard into DIFFERENT ports on the motherboard.

    For example, On my motherboard, I have USB ports arranged as follows:

    x x (LEGACY USB 1.1 ports)
    x x z ('Z' being a built-in Bluetooth dongle)
    x x y ('Y' being a Firewire port)
    v v w('W' being a Gigabit Ethernet port, 'V' being USB3)
    x x (USB ports)

    What I did, was I plugged the USB cable that 'controls' (powers) the keyboard into one of the ports next to 'Z' and the second cable into one of the ports at the 'top' and so far, I haven't had any issues, AT ALL!!!

    So, FOR NOW...It looks to me like plugging the cables into 'separate' USB ports, solves the issues.

    Having said all the above, This is only MY PERSONAL experience, and IF I have any MORE issues with my keyboard, I WILL be taking it back, ASAP, And either getting a refund, or store credit!!

    RMA is ridiculous, When it comes to anywhere that ISN'T the United States!!!
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