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Please suggest a suitable graphics card to replace NIVIDIA card


I am from Mumbai, India.
My current graphics card has conked off, can you please suggest a suitable graphics card as per my machine configuration.

My budget is $150-$300.
Need a graphics card for - Photography, editing high res pics ( Photoshop/Lightroom ), Dreamweaver, Watch HD videos etc but no gaming necc

Current Graphics Card which needs to be changed - NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT ( This card supports SLI )

Power Supply - SMPS 300W
Slot details - PCI Express 16X

System - HP Pavilion Elite M9290in
Processor - Intel Core Quad CPU - Q6600 @ 2.40 GHZ
Motherboard - Intel G33/31 Express Chipset Family
RAM - 2 GB DDR 2

Resolution - 1440x900 @ 6o Hertz ( HP w 1907 wide screen monitor )

I am considering NVIDIA again, but I am open to Radeon cards or any other equivalent, if not better, to my current card

Webste links for NVIDIA Graphics Card

Thanks for your time

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  1. maybe Radeon HD 6670 or 6570
    anything bigger and you will have to change that 300w power supply
  2. Hello, and welcome to the forums.

    If you aren't doing any gaming, I can't reccomend buying anything above $150.

    As a result I would suggest a Radeon 6850 1GB - these can be found for between $140 and $170.

    As a direct comparison, the 6850 1GB is probably around 10 - 12x faster than the 8500GT.
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    Based on the information I can find, you seem to have a dual 12v rail power supply with 8 amps on the CPU rail and 13 amps for the video card. Based on that and your current card, I would say the best you could do would be an AMD Radeon 6670 card. It will be a significant performance improvement and draw the same amount of power.
  4. For your usage almost any card will do and with a 300W power supply I suggest a Nvidia 430
  5. If you have no plan for gaming then the best media card you can go with is a AMD Radeon HD 6450 or if you do some gaming then consider a Radeon HD 6670. Anything beyond a Radeon 6670 requires a more powerful SMPS.
  6. I'd go with GT 520 if you really aren't into gaming.
  7. thanks guys - duxducis, deadjon, tlmck, simon12, spp85, Sunius

    Your reply really helps...:
  8. Hi Guys,

    I had a look at the cards you guys suggested. Few more Q's pls ? :)

    1) Some Radeon cards suggested mention 400 W SMPS or above....would it be ok since I just have 300 W SMPS.
    tlmck ( thanks for your detailed explanation )

    2) I intend to buy a 512 mb card, but, mostly 1gb and above are available. If I go for 1gb card, would it ok with 300 W SMPS, because I don't have any plans of changing SMPS in the near future.

    Much thanks again,
  9. I would not go above the card I mentioned for the reasons stated in my earlier post. The 6850 is a power hungry card that would likely cook your PSU sooner rather than later. The others would be fine but are not as powerful as the 6670.
  10. Rookie mistake for me there, avoid the 6850.

    6670 should be ample for your needs.
  11. Thanks a ton guys...Will get to actual work now...
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