Dell inspiron 530s core 2 duo 2008 model grafic card

it has 1 gb ram and 265 mb intel gma3100 chipset grafic i wanted to upgrade my system.
i wanted to upgrade my system to 2 gb ram
and 1 gb nvidia gt 9600 .
but when i contacted dell helpline they said that my mother board does not support 1 gb grafic card specially of nvidia.
so can anyone help me out in this..
because i think that almost every pc can be upgradred...
my budget of buying the grafic card is off 60-80$.
please reply soon ...
thanks in advance ..............................
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  1. Based on your 250 watt power supply and case size, the best upgrade is going to be something like a low profile model AMD RADEON 5450 OR 6450. They are very low end cards these days made mainly for HTPC applications, but they will be a significant improvement over your current graphics.

    Not really sure about the 1gb issue. Never heard of that.

    I agree with the 2gb ram upgrade also. It is very cheap right now.
  2. Yes as Tlmck said Go for a AMD radeion 6450 or even a 6570 which will be about the most you can power with your power supply. With the 2gb of ram it is a good upgrade as atm ram is cheap.
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