How to remove window 7 from dell inspiron 6000

how to remove window 7 from dell inspiron 6000 and restore xp. i have tried f11 and ctrl
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  1. Reformat the hard drive, then reinstall XP.
  2. download the ultimate boot cd and in the hard drive tool use the wipe command, also check online and see if you need to slipstream the SATA drivers on to a installation disk to do an XP install
  3. Scotteq said:
    Reformat the hard drive, then reinstall XP.

    hi and thanks for your reply. Please note i do not have a cd or dvd with xp on it . xp window was on the dell laptop when i bought it.
    i have recently purchased window 7 and i am having problems with it. i just want to remove window 7 and reset it to xp or xp factory settings. Thanks in advance.
    please note, f11 and ctrl does not give an option for factory setting
  4. ^Hi, your dell laptop must have the label of win XP on the reverse, just borrow a XP CD from a friend and install with this CD and the key that your laptop label have.
  5. thanks for your quick reply. i have found the window home edition key on the back of my laptop and will try as you suggested.- -- Now to find someone who will have an xp
    thanks again
  6. You need a Dell Windows XP Home CD.
  7. ^+1, you need a CD of the same version that you key label, in this case, a Win XP Home Edition.
  8. ^+1, if you use a Dell CD there's no activation required.
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