Noobie- Idle and Load temps safe?

Hello everybody,

I recently build my first PC ever, and I am concerned about its temps. I read around the interweb that folks are idling at ~33 and having load of ~45.

I am running a i7-2700k with a hyper 212 cooler.

my temps are as follows:
idle: ~40
load: ~50

my room's ambient temp: 30C (its summer and I don't have AC :-( )

let me know what you think. if my temps are fine, what point should I actually be concerned

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    They're fine. :) 98C is the max core temp and 72C is the max recommended CPU temp, so as long as you stay in the low 70's or less, and you're golden.

    As far as really being concerned, anything over 80 is time to worry.
  2. yep, agreed. No problems with your temps
  3. when you see low temps in the 30...(like my system). there using water cooled h100/h80 or a 140mm brick of a cpu cooler and a lot of case fans..i have an antec 100 and i have the two fans blowing can see if it case flow issue or see if yuor temps drop if you take the side panel off and watch your temps.
  4. great, thanks for the reassurance.

    I am using a haf 912 with
    two front intake 120
    1 side intake 120
    1 rear expel 120
    1 top expel 200

    but i am pretty sure my non-modular psu's pile of unused cables is mucking up some airflow
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